Crawford Sterling, founded by Benjamin Crawford, is a
collaborative project involving educational and museum professionals
in finding appropriate homes for exceptional collections.

As one of the world's most valuable and significant collections of early English Bibles, the Legacy Collection will be made available to select clients demonstrating the ability to protect and preserve this extraordinary part of our world heritage. Working with active scholars in both Europe and North America, we are uniquely qualified to offer continuing collection consultation and bespoke collection management services to those seeking additional direction. Please feel free to contact us and schedule an appointment to explore the possibilities that accompany this acquisition of a lifetime.  

1535 Coverdale Bible


First Printed Bible in English

Among its many treasures, the collection contains a pristine copy of the Coverdale Bible, the first printed Bible in English. Published in 1535, it was dedicated to Anne Boleyn, wife of King Henry VIII. Less than twenty copies remain in private hands. This remarkable example is among the finest surviving copies.