Amassed through generations of meticulous research and quiet acquisition, we are proud to offer one of most significant and valuable collections that has ever been assembled. 

From Gutenberg to the Lunar Bible


The collection chronicles Western Civilization as seen through one of its most prominent and carefully preserved objets d’art - the Bible. From Greek manuscripts to Gutenberg, from the Hebrew Torah to the Lunar Bible, the scope of the collection is truly extraordinary.

Wycliffe Bible William Tyndale


Rare and early versions of the work of all the first English translators are present, including John Wycliffe and William Tyndale. From Coverdale's illuminated manuscript Psalter in English to the Massachusetts Bay Psalm Book, the collection contains priceless artifacts that are an important part of our world heritage. 

1611 First Edition King James Bible


This unique collection is further distinguished by an overwhelming number of the first folio editions of the Authorized (King James) Version of the Bible, often termed the "Noblest Monument of English Prose." Providing incredible opportunities for new scholarly research, it is the largest such collection in history. 

At no time in history has a comparable collection been offered.


With more than seventy of the first folio editions of the Authorized (King James) Version providing a cornerstone for the collection, this historic sale is without precedent.
Additional information available upon request. 

William Tyndale New Testament
1611 First Edition King James Bible
1539 Richard Taverners Bible